Unique and interactive exhibits, illusions and diverse entertainment from all over the world makes illusions house "EUREKA" a place you must to visit. This is not the kind of museums where you come and walk around. Here you need to have fun, entertain, participate and become the part of the exposition in order to make photos and share it with your friends on social networks. Neither Ames rooms or Universe room, nor trumpet tunnel or three-dimensional paintings are our main exhibits. The main this worth to see here is you having fun!

Education program

Everything is entertaining in illiusion house "EUREKA“ even to study! Here you will not only find out how to make electricity from a lemon, but you will also create a jellyfish in the jar to bring home to yoursef. We will make tricks, explosions other interesting experiments here, which guarantees excellent time and deepen knowledge about the world around us.


Many strange things you can find in our Wonderland Store. Here you can find something that will help you to prepare for the party, show tricks for your family or friends. Do not miss the chance to become virtuoso of magic! Maybe you just need a souvenir to remember about the time spent here? We have plenty of souvenirs that will complement your travel experiences.


Working hours

Summer: 10.00 - 23.00 everyday

Autumn, winter and spring: 11:00 - 20:00 weekends (Other days - only for groups, pre ordered time)


Ticket price

Adult: 9.90 €

Child: 8.50 €

Childs till 3 years old: Free

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