The sculpture park was founded at the crossroad of Vytauto and J. Simpsono Streets in Palanga in 1982. In 2008 the park was fully renewed and a set of valuable sculptures from collections of Lithuanian Art Museum was placed here. The park renovation was initiated by Palanga city municipality on the occasion of the 25th jubilee of the park. The architect L. Mardosas who designed the first exposition of the park 25 years ago created the park reconstruction project. In the reconstructed sculpture park visitors can enjoy as many as 28 sculptures passed to the Palanga city municipality by Lithuanian Art Museum.

At present the park exhibits works of acknowledged Lithuanian sculptors K. Kisielius, B. Vyšniauskas, L.V. Strioga, B. Zalensas, A.D. Belevičius, V. Krutinis, A. Toleikis, A. Žukauskas, D.O. Matulaitė. There are also sculptures of the famous Lithuanian artist V.K. Jonynas created abroad. The exposition includes valuable works of foreign sculptors from Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine and Armenia.

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