Šventoji – a resort town on the Baltic coast, it is 12 km away to the north from the center of Palanga. A resort town is situated on the left shore of the Šventoji river, which flows into the Baltic Sea. It is an old fisherman’s settlement, where archaeological finds date back to 3000 BC. Over time, a fisherman’s settlement turned into a port, which is known from the XIII century. Šventoji port was actively used in XVI-XVII c. and seriously competing with neighboring Klaipėda, Liepaja, Ventspils and Riga ports, especially after the English merchants got the privilege to equip in Šventoji a port was able to accept large cargo vessels. In XVII c. to Šventoji was granted the right to independently marketed and development of maritime business, it has significantly improved the port economy. Trade with England, Denmark was held through the Šventoji port. Widely held sound about Šventoji port until in 1701 it was destroyed and filled with stones and sand by the Swedish fleet.

When Lithuania became independent, Šventoji as a part of the Couronian province belonged to Latvia. It was returned to Lithuania in 1921 by a decision of the international arbitration committee led by Lord J. Simpson, since most of the residents here were Lithuanians. In 1925 port reconstruction works, creation of fishermen’s settlement began in Šventoji. Unfortunately, the port was constantly choked up with sand, so the works went on with difficulty and Šventoji did not grow into a large port.

Šventoji as a resort town in the Baltic region and Europe was known since the interwar period. The most Šventoji fame and expanded after World War II. In 1970 Šventoji was connected to Palanga and become a part of the resort of Palanga.

Port reconstruction project in Šventoji is ready. Port reconstruction can positively affected by the expansion of the resort town. Šventoji is expanding resort. New modern private homes and hotels are being constructed here, there are many cafes. Population of Šventoji is 2,000 residents. 

Additional information

“The path for small and big”

Just two of kilometers from the Šventoji settlement, district installed a resort and a children's playground “The path for small and big”. The paths are decorated with humor and folklore wood carvings. Cognitive station of path is presenting local history and ethnography. This place you will find driving by car or bicycle towards Liepaja. After the bridge, before the Evangelic Lutheran Church, turn to the right.

Water tower

Šventoji water tower with 600 m3 water tank was built during the Soviet Union period.

Lighthouse of Šventoji

Red square drive metal structures Šventoji lighthouse was built in 1957, 780 m from the sea. It’s height is 39 m. Lighthouse - is a navigation mark, a signal visibility is 31 km away. During the entire period of operation of the Šventoji lighthouse is not extinct for more than an hour. In 1964, it is equipped with sound. In 2000 underwent major reconstruction of the lighthouse, the idea was to use new and modern equipment. Lighthouse stands near the Šventosios street, the area is fenced.

Sculpture “The dawn of Baltic”

The sea and the sunrise-looking woman waiting granite sculpture “The dawn of Baltic” you can see it on the southern part of the Šventoji. This sculpture was created in 1990 and formerly located in Palanga but in 2009 transferred to Šventoji.


Column signs the state border between Lithuania and Latvia besides Šventoji.


Branch of Palanga tourism information centre in Sventoji (during the summer season)

Šventosios g. 1, LT-00306 Šventoji. Tel. +370 460 48808, info@palangatic.lt, www.palangatic.lt









Phone / E-mail


Monitor of Sventoji

Šventosios g. 14

+370 460 45257


Fire-fighters station

Šventosios g. 14

01, 112

Sventoji general practitioner’s office

Žuvėdrų g. 4

03, 112,

+370 460 45118


Šventosios g. 14

02, 112

Bus station in Sventoji

Šventosios g. 13B

+370 659 14180

Palanga airport

Liepojos pl. 1

+370 460 52020, +370 460 52234

Post office

Šventosios g. 14

+370 460 45120



+370 683 39999,

+370 677 44447

SEB bankomat

Šventosios g. 11


Medicinos bank (currency exchange)

Palanga airport, Liepojos pl. 1

+370 460 56396

Lietuvos draudimas (insuarnce company)

Švyturio g. 6

+370 460 45553

Free „Wi-Fi“ location

Šventosios g. 1


Rentals points of bicycles, velomobiles, scooters, electric cars

Šventosios g. 1 (in the center),

Jūros g. 30 (next to cafe “Žirnis”),

Jūros g. 78 (next to “Auksinės kopos”)

+370 687 73350



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