In the summer, the new fountain entertains visitors with the dance of music, light and water. One can select a favourite melody from a special playlist for a fountain to dance to by SMS message. The price for a song to be performed by a dancing fountain is 3 euro. Visitors may also enjoy free daily hour-long shows.

The height and direction of water spouts as well as fountain lightening change depending on a selected piece of music. Water spouts are controlled by special computer equipment according to a piece of music selected. The computer equipment of the fountain automatically controls the height and current angle of the water spouts depending on the direction and strength of wind.

260 water nozzles and 48 different colour lights producing full range of colours creates impressive light music effect. Fountain equipment was purchased in Greece and Italy.

Five powerful German pumps ejecting the main spout to the height of eight meters and lifting almost 4.3 tonnes of water into the air per minute are installed under the fountain pool.

Palanga fountain is the largest dancing fountain in Lithuania if measured according to the amount of lifted water.

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