Palanga burgomaster Jonas Šliūpas Museum

History lovers will certainly be interested in the memorial homestead of Dr Jonas Šliupas.

Jonas Šliupas, a doctor and a famous public figure of the 20th century Lithuania, came to live in Palanga in 1930. Thanks to J. Šliupas, city rights were granted to Palanga and he was elected the first burgomaster of Palanga.

J. Šliupas memorial exhibition was opened in his homestead in July 1989. The history of Palanga, its surroundings, and ethnographic fragments, as well as the era of “Aušra” and “Varpas” are exhibited in the museum.


Opening hours

III – VI, 11.00 - 18.00

VII - 11.00 - 17.00


Ticket price

Adults - 2 €

Childs - 1 €

Pupils and seniors - 1 €

For disabled people - free of charge

Family Ticket (2 Adults + 3 Childs) - 5 €

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