08 d.

Updated list of affected countries: COVID-19 testing required prior to arrival in Lithuania

Following the Friday update, Malta and Serbia have been added to the list of countries whence arrivals fall subject to tighter self-isolation requirements, while Latvia, the United States of America, Albania, Andorra and Saint Lucia are no longer listed. To reduce the risk of fast spreading COVID-19 mutations and to ensure travel safety, it will be required as of Wednesday, 10 March, to have been tested for COVID-19 before travelling to Lithuania. 

All those travelling to the Republic of Lithuania on international passenger routes organised and operated by carriers as regular, special and charter services (by all types of vehicles), will be required to have a negative test result for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours. The test will be mandatory for all individuals from the age of 16 inclusively.

There is a new requirement for carriers to ensure that all passengers on board have tested negative for COVID-19. Screening of arrivals at airports and seaports will be faster, as fewer passenger data will need to be checked by screening officers.

Exemptions for COVID-19 negative testing will apply in the case of:
•    crew members operating carriage of passengers on international routes by all types of vehicles;
•    those transiting through Lithuania; 
•    those that have recovered of the COVID-19 infection diagnosed on the basis of a positive PCR test or an antibody test and maximum 90 days have passed from the positive testing until the return to Lithuania;
•    those fully vaccinated with the vaccine registered in the Union Register of Medicinal Products following the vaccination programme;
•    those under 16 years.

An exemption will apply in the case of those travelling by their own transport: they can have testing in Lithuania.


Exemptions for foreign travellers to Lithuania have been laid down in the Government Resolution declaring quarantine (No 1226, paragraph 2.1.2.), in other cases, travellers from abroad are allowed entry only at the permission of a competent minister.

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