Tematic Evenings at the "Parko ranča" - "Atostogų parkas" ("Holiday Park")

Tematic Evenings at the "Parko ranča" - "Atostogų parkas" ("Holiday Park")

Every weekday, from Monday to Friday anyone arriving at the “Parko ranča” will be able not only to observe, but also to participate in vivacious thematic events. Excellent host of the evening, delicious food, cosy environment and a variety of drinks - everything is ready.

Mondays – “Brain Battles”

Every Monday “Parko ranča” invites you to compete in the “Brain Battle” duels and have a good time with your friends: you are invited to demonstrate your skills, test your knowledge and find out the unknown before facts and win great prizes.

Tuesdays - Darts Evenings

You are invited to test your accuracy and the ability to concentrate in the “Parko ranča” on Tuesdays, which is announced as the Darts Evening! Darts are a great entertainment, and for the professional players – is a gambling game. The target of the Darts helps to develop both the verstality of the hand and the acuity of the mind, and when competing with your friends or colleagues, it gives a lot of sports enthusiasm.

Wednesdays - competitive poker and board games

On Wednesdays, there is an evening of competitive poker and board games at the “Parko ranča”. Competitive Poker is a great opportunity to test your patience, self-possession and attention. A good dose of adrenaline and great prizes awaits you! Those who want more relaxed impressions, positive emotions and emulative competition will be able to test their favourite board games in the “Parko ranča” on Wednesdays. You just need a good mood and a good company! Everything else will be taken care of.

Thursdays - Karaoke

We are waiting for music lovers on Thursdays, as every week on Thursday, musical and sometimes, noisy karaoke evening will take place at the “Parko ranča”. This is a great opportunity to reveal and demonstrate your vocal skills and support your singing friends. Of course, the great evening prizes will be granted to the most voicefull and bravest singers!

Fridays - Tastings

Friday evening is for whiskey and beer tasting. During the tasting, the experts will present you with the history of these beverages, production processes and taste features. After having tried the checked with time drinks and BBQ dishes specially grilled for the evening, everyone will realize that their evening was extraordinary.


Advanced registration for events +370 601 60730

Table reservations +370 610 00454


The “Parko ranča” is a place where the time is spent perfectly and the food is extremely delicious. The kitchen at the “Parko ranča” works until 2 o’clock in the morning, dances on weekends are held until 4 o’clock in the morning. The “Parko ranča” is located at the “Atostogu parkas” near the log villas. This is a great place for everyone, because at the “Parko ranča”, there are slot machines, darts, pool table, widescreen TVs, and most importantly, a spacious dance floor for dancing until the dawn!

The menu at the “Parko ranča” ranges from delicious steaks, burgers, sausages served in extra large portions to the delicious meals for the smallest visitors. Spicy chicken wings in BBQ sauce, homemade potato chips, sandwiches with homemade mayonnaise, cheese doughnuts, grilled drumsticks and many other dishes.

More information: goo.gl/nbo2ea

  • 08.20 - 11.30