Sanatorium – hotel "Gradiali"


Medical SPA hotel is located in natural surroundings, where a 500-meter stretch of pine forest leads to sand dunes and the sea. Upon waking up in the morning, you can listen to the silence and feel the murmur of wind and the swaying of pine-trees. You can breathe in a gulp of a clear air spiced with the seaside dew.

Let's meet at the GRADIALI Health and Spa Centre by the sea!


Highly skilled health professionals are ready to help you to regain your strength, as well as to select the most effective procedures. The medical equipment of new generation of such companies as Equivital, Biometrics E-LINK, Tracker Fredom and other enables achieving excellent treatment results. We can offer over 100 therapeutic procedures, such as physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic massages, mud and paraffin therapy, hydrotherapy, halotherapy, cold therapy, relaxation and reflexotherapy, which can be applied to both patients with serious illnesses and those wishing to improve their health.

The disorders of the following systems of the body are treated in the Gradiali Health and Spa Centre: musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and endocrine systems.


The pool and sauna complex consists of 2 swimming pools, 4 saunas, 2 jacuzzis and a relaxation area. The water in the new pool is equivalent to the Black Sea water based on its salinity and mineralization. Swimming in such water accelerates cell renewal, strengthens immune system and improves skin condition. There is no chlorine odour in the pool due to the advanced chlorine-free water filtration system installed.

The SPA centre spoils its visitors with a wide range of procedures – select any from over 100! Aesthetic beauty procedures, body modelling and facial rejuvenation procedures with the latest LPG CELLU M6 device enable solving problems of aging skin. Amber therapies, various massages, Phytomer Spa procedures and water therapies help relax and break away from routine and worries. A floatation therapy, that takes place in a magnesium sulfate-filled capsule, ensures a particularly deep relaxation, both physical and spiritual. Once you are there, it takes no effort to immerse in meditating at the highest level.


Our comfortable and spacious rooms are provided with all the essentials: from bathrobes to personal hygiene products. Nearly all rooms have balconies or terraces for you to sit back and breathe in the fresh air. The health and spa centre offers a total of 162 rooms: 10 single rooms, 102 double rooms, 22 mini suites, 10 suites and 5 apartments, 13 standard double for disabled guests.



The Gradiali Restaurant is surrounded by pinewood, enabling you to enjoy the nature at your elbow while tasting the most popular dishes cooked with love (dry-aged beef ribeye steak or butter fried dorado). It is a place perfectly suitable for both family gatherings and business lunches. The best tastes of the European cuisine composed into the dishes prepared by our chef will come as a surprise due their simplicity. There are 80 seats in the restaurant and 50 seats on the terrace (open in summer). Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in catering hall.

Restaurant contact:


The Gradiali conference halls are ideal for a variety of events. The Great Hall (173 sq. m) accommodates up to 140 people in theatre style. The hall is furnished with high quality audio and video equipment, a large screen and has other conference facilities, which ensures the high quality of the service. The hall can be easily transformed from a business style venue into a space for a buffet party or a banquet, therefore, both corporate celebrations and personal anniversaries may be organized there. Our small hall (40 sq. m) is suitable for a small gathering or a working group. For the convenience of our clients, we have prepared a conference package that includes not only accommodation and catering services but also the most popular treatments and group therapies. We aim to provide our guests with the opportunity to wind down after busy conferences.


Swimming pool
Facilities for disabled people
Family rooms
Conference hall
Restaurant / cafe

Additional information

Restaurant "Gradiali"

Sanatorium “Gradiali” not only provides accommodation and health care services. It also invites guests to a modern restaurant offering perfect service and excellent cuisine. We offer to choose out of a rich assortment on the menu to satisfy your taste: meat, fish and seafood dishes, salads, soups and appetizers, delicious desserts.

Warm atmosphere and professional service will leave you with the best impressions for life. People who miss romance, are offered an unforgettable supper in the Restaurant. During the warm season of the year we invite guests to spend time on the terrace where they can not only taste delicious meals but also enjoy beautiful environment and fresh air.

Work hours:
Summer I-VI  8.00-23.00   VII 8.00-22.00
Winter VII-IV  8.00-20.00 V-VI 8.00-22.00


Health center “Gradiali” team of medical specialists and medical personnel welcomes both: severely ill patients recovering from complicated surgeries or injuries, as well as clients willing to improve their health. Here guests are provided with professional services, modern medical equipment and sincere attention. We provide rehabilitation, treatment, health recovery services in Sanatorium “Gradiali”. The main fields are: treatment of endocrine, neurological, respiratory system illnesses and musculo-sceletal disorders.

We are proud of our medical team – rehabilitation specialists, a psychologist, a plastic surgeon, physical therapists, an occupational therapist, a diabetic foot specialist, nurses, a social worker, masseurs and others.

We understand the needs of people with movement disability therefore we have rooms with functional beds, nurse call system and other essential facilities, that are important for guests to feel comfortable. Guests can live, eat and perform procedures without leaving the building. Moreover, all guests have the opportunity to enjoy SPA, sports club, wi-fi and other advantages. 

With respect to our patient centred care, we offer short- and long-term treatment and health promotion programs.

Conference center

In future, 600 sq.m. of Gradiali Sanatorium will be occupied by a 7-room modern conference center.

All rooms designed for events will be transformed to conform to the needs of both conference organizers and enterprises conducting training sessions on our premises. The center will be equipped with a modern audio-visual concert & cinema hall with a seating capacity for 330 people.

Leisure time

Therapeutic spa

Vertical baths

Kinesitherapy in water is an excellent method of exercising intended for people of different age and fitness. Water has an additional effect on human body and forms specific conditions for the procedure. This is an efficient workout because water resistance affects movements.

You will notice that after the course of the procedures (10-15 sessions) joint and back pains soothed and disappeared, muscles got stronger, joint mobility increased, tolerance for physical load increased, metabolism got better, weight was lost, and mood got better.

Workout in water helps to overcome depression, makes the patient more vigilant, this is excellent and fun means to recuperate and improve health. Therapeutic effect: soothes pain; increases joint amplitude and muscle strength; reduces tension and stress;

Indications: for patients with: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, in case of back pains, spinal intervertablal disc herniations, after various injuries (bone fractures, joint dislocations, ruptures of meniscus, ligaments, tendon, and muscles, after microsurgeries, after shoulder joint, shoulder  endoprosthesis, in case of joint inflammations, pains, limited joint mobility, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, for people engaged in hard mental and physical work, for overweight people.

Vertical Spinal Stretching

 This is a special complex of stretching, relaxation exercises done in a vertical bath using aids. You will do vertical spinal stretching under supervisions of a kinesitherapist. Vertical spinal stretching is offered to patients with osteochondrosis, radiculitis, spinal intervertablal disc herniations, after injuries, bone fractions. As well as in case of back and joint pains, limited joint mobility.

The basic principle is spinal stretching in water in various directions by means of certain means and exercises. Active therapeutic movements are done much easier and almost painlessly because of muscle relaxation and partial weightlessness.

Therapeutic effect: back pains sooth, muscles get stronger, spinal mobility increases, progression of pathological processes in the spine, muscular atrophy, and spinal deformations are slowed down.



Steam bath

The bath has a positive effect on the body in case of cold and is useful for prophylaxis of it, therefore it is recommended for patients with chronic bronchitis as well as other pulmonary diseases. It has a positive effect on sore joints, muscles, and ligaments. Various salts and freckles are intensively excreted through the skin, the kidneys function at their lowest capacity during the time in the bath. The bath is very useful to patients suffering from pains caused by increased kidneys and gallstones.

The bath is very useful in case of all nervous system diseases. The bath is recommended in case of depression, suffering from obsessive thoughts, daily problems, inability to relax, sleep disorders or jetlag.

 A complex of bath and mineral water pool will be particularly useful to people who have suffered a lot of stress.

The bath improves skin tone, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin regeneration, and excretes freckles form the body.

Sports and fitness club

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