Cyclists’ paradise

Cyclists undoubtedly confirm that the best way to get acquainted with the Baltic coastline is while pedalling. Palanga deserves to be called the paradise for cyclists as there are several bicycle paths with a total length of several hundred kilometres stretching along the seashore. You can easily reach the border of Latvian Republic from Palanga as well. If taking bicycle path to the south of Palanga you can reach the nearby port city Klaipėda. The bicycle path runs to the Vydmantai settlement where you can buy fresh smoked fish and not far HBH Recreation Complex favourite among the local residents and guests is located in the Žibininkai village.

You can take a trip through the most interesting objects and enjoy the tranquillity of the Baltic Sea, luminous pinewoods, and cosy coastline villages.

While riding the bike, you can enjoy local sights: one of the most beautiful parks in Eastern Europe – Birute Park, Amber Museum, and the romantic Love Alley popular among visitors.

While approaching the seaport and leaving the resort behind, you can visit the old Karklė cemetery, places for collecting amber, admire the highest coastal cliff in Lithuania – Dutchman’s Cap (lt. “Olando Kepurė”).

Moreover, if you decide to go from Palanga towards Latvian border, firstly, you will reach Šventoji. Cosy family resort transformed from former fishermen’s village charms with calmness and local sights: sculpture “Fisherman’s Daughters” (lt. “Žvejo Dukros”) resting in the dunes of the seashore, Monkey Bridge across the Šventoji River which became an attraction to children and adults alike, and Samogitian Sanctuary and Paleoastronomy Observatory (lt. “Žemaiciu Alkas”).

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