Rent of bicycles, velomobiles, scooters, electric cars

Bicycle rental

Are you tired of lying on the beach? Do you want to stretch your legs? Rent a bike and try out one of the many bicycle paths and routes in Palanga.

Riding on a bike in Palanga is extremely satisfying; here you will not only have a chance to admire places of interests but also enjoy beautiful coastal scenery.

Velomobile rental

Afraid of riding a bike? Or maybe you want to have fun together with the whole family or friends? What you need is velomobile – a pedal powered three-wheel or four-wheel vehicle that can accommodate up to six people of all ages. With velomobile as with a bicycle you can use bicycle paths or streets.

You will be able to choose a velomobile that fits your needs best: single, double-seater with a special seat for children, four-seater, or velomobile-train that can accommodate three children and four adult people.

Scooter rental

Scooter rental is offered for those appreciating classics and uniqueness.

Scooters are fun to ride for the young and elderly alike; just go for a ride and let the seaside wind tousle your hair.

Electric car rental

If you want to relax and rest while driving, then an environmentally friendly vehicle – electric vehicle – is exactly what you need.

A small, electric battery-driven open train can accommodate up to 13 adults. Electric vehicles are allowed to be driven on the streets as well as on bicycle paths. You just need to sit back and enjoy coastal landscape.

Bicycle and velomobile rentals:

  • In Palanga: 33 J. Basanavičiaus St./32 Birutės Avenue; 86 Vytauto St.; 74 Vytauto St.; 64 Vytauto St.; 42-4 Vytauto St./29 S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno St.
  • In Šventoji: 1 Šventosios St. (the centre); 30 Jūros St. (near the café “Žirnis”); 78 Jūros St. (“Auksinės Kopos”).

Scooter rentals:

  • In Palanga: 86 Vytauto St.
  • In Šventoji: 1 Šventosios St.


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