Palanga sports complex

The multi-purpose sports complex adapted to different kinds of sports was opened over a year ago and is probably one of the largest investments in sports infrastructure in the country and the European Union. Official Lithuanian National Basketball League matches and international sports competitions take place here.

The sports complex is designed not only for professional athletes; everyone can play basketball or table tennis here. Two modern fitness rooms sometimes packed with sports enthusiasts are very popular at the complex.

The stadium reconstructed this summer with seven running tracks complying with the criteria of the international athletics competitions is located near the sports complex.

3 Sporto St., tel.: +370 460 40 289,


Fitness Facility Rates

Hourly rate for one person: 2.90 €

Hourly rate for a party of up to 10 people: 20.27 €

Monthly membership fee (15 visits): 28.92 €

25 per cent discount for the services in fitness and aerobics rooms for the middle school students of Palanga, seniors and people with disabilities.

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